Current Releases

Fog Bound Artwork.png

Fog Bound

"I was coming home late Saturday night
Been working overtime
My clothes are strewn all over the place
My woman I can’t find
So I looked in the front
And I looked in the back
Didn’t take me long to figure it out
That woman she left me high and dry
I’m suffering through a love drought
I’m fog bound over you
Fog bound over you"

- Tommy Rebel

Ready For Love 3000.png

Ready for Love

"It's cold outside
and you step on in
The music's nice
and you drink some gin
Dreams go by you oh so fast
Then you bump into someone
from your past
Are you ready
... ready for love"

- Tommy Rebel


Torn Heart

"I had no time
to build my wealth
So I went to the bank
with a pistol in my belt
I fired off a warning shot
but it went bad
And hit a girl in the heart
You feel nothing
when your heart is torn"

- Tommy Rebel

Fellow Man_3000x3000.png

Fellow Man

"You have a situation
and it’s there before you
And it begs a question
what you gonna do
I wear my heart on my sleeve
That's a small part of me
I do what I can
To help my fellow man"

- Tommy Rebel

Don't Blame it on the Weed.png

Don't Blame it on the Weed

"I have hard times
And disappointments too
I had my job
Try to break me in two
I’m not lazy
I just never grew up
Yeah I get high
But at least I’m not corrupt"

- Tommy Rebel