Playing Live on Radio

So anytime you play live, there are certain logistics that have to be considered in order to deliver the best possible performance.  Afterall, for a musician this is where the rubber meets the road. There are no second takes, edits, dubbing or recording tricks that are used in the studio. Essentially you are pretty naked… it's you, your instrument, and the audience.

We mentioned in our last post that we did a live interview at Wimberley Valley Radio this past March. This was a great opportunity to get some local exposure and also include playing 4 songs live on air.

Even though we are essentially a power rock trio, we thought it would be best for Tommy to do a solo “unplugged” performance of some of our new songs. This saved us from hauling in drums, amps, and PA gear that we normally use when we play at clubs.

Tommy is a pro and the radio sound engineer did a great job of giving Tommy the in-ear mix he needed to righteously sing and play his guitar.

One of the songs Tommy chose to play was Prodigal Son. This was a brand new song we were working on and has deep personal meaning to Tommy and his family.  The song is beautifully constructed and very different than the way we play it as a band and with one take … Tommy delivered a wonderful live performance. #PeacethruMusic

Tommy Rebel