Rooms with TVs

One of things we think is real important is to play out live in front of an audience. It is easy to spend time in the practice room, but there is nothing really like the process of getting a gig and then playing live for a club that is paying you to entertain their customers and keep the cash register ringing.

I don’t know … it has a certain “blue collar” appeal to it that may be the pure definition of what a working band is. And one of the biggest challenges we face in these environments … is the competition we get from scores of big-ass flat screen TVs that adorn nearly every wall … showing all kinds of content on an ongoing basis.

Did the cheer that just erupted from the room come from the wicked guitar solo being laid down or did someone just score a touchdown? Are people laughing at some blooper highlights or is something funky going on with sound system? In the moment … who knows! But one thing is for sure … the mission remains to win the room … TVs be damned! And if we can do that … we are a truly righteous band indeed!

Tommy Rebel